Everyone thinks Psychiatry is all about those walking on the street with tattered clothes, some naked, others almost naked- the mad people. I have seen a handful of them, from childhood till now. I have heard many stories, that madness is caused by evil spirits, ‘isi mgbaka‘ or whatever but it is not always true, instead it should show you that the soul of man is the most important being. Losing the body is easier, someone dies, is buried and we never get to see them again, but diseases like Alzheimers or madness teach a lot more.. seeing someone we love gradually losing awareness of self is so much excruciating pain.

Psychiatry takes care of the soul, an important part of our existence.

Psychiatry is about depression, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and a lot like them. The bad thing about a sickness like depression is not being aware of it. That is why hypertension is called the silent killer. People who are hypertensive show no sign or symptom untill its late stages when little or nothing could be done anymore.
Depression can be a little bit different, people who are depressed might feel it, but people around might think it is another mood swing or change, but depression kills. And in a society like ours where everyone claims to belong to one church or another, pastors claim to cure depression. They talk about the joy of the Lord, without passing on to another the real message.
The soul not the heart or the brain, is the most important part of the body, if you lose your soul, then whatelse?

The greatest person that ever lived said, what shall it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul.

 A soul is more important than the world.
This is the spectrum psychiatry addresses

A stitch in time…

​She removed the last piece of clothing on her, ran her hand through her hair and made it into a ponytail. She bent, took a bowl of water from the bucket and poured on her face, the water ran through her checks, chin, her neck, it ran through the midline between her breasts and to her stomach. She cringed as she felt the coolness hit her. she peeped and realized there was no one in view in the open bathroom, she squeezed her breasts in memories of the night before, she remembered how Chima, made love to her, he was not used to touching her breasts, he was always  moving down low to insert his ‘thing’, he didn’t care to at least caress or touch her in any way. she squeezed her breast one last time and imagined Chima holding the left with one hand and the right with another hand. 

“Seun, are you there’ Ada,

her roommate called out

Seun quickly came back to her senses, unsure of whether it was her name that was mentioned or someone else’s.

“Ah!!Seun, why did you lock the room na, when you know that I am still around”

Ada protested

“The key is under the stone beside the door, she responded quickly” Seun replied

“How do you expect me to know? Am I a prophet?” Ada quickly added.

She sighed and turned back.

She held her left breast again and felt a lump. She tried holding the lump but it slipped from her hand. She was a bit afraid, she had heard countless times about breast cancer and how it had killed countless people. she touched it, it was hard to touch, but there was no induration in the skin of her breast where the lump was located. she quickly finished her bath since the EGL 202 lecturer would not allow anyone to enter the class once he enter once he enters.


‘Tell me about breast cancer’ Seun asked Bayo, she tried to avoid eye contact with him.

‘So you called me all the way form Medicine Department to your hostel to ask me about breast cancer, what happened to Wikipedia?’

Bayo answered

‘Bayo, be serious na please, you don’t know why I am asking’

‘Can you talk directly and stop making indirect statements’

‘I have a lump in my breast, she looked dwon as she said it’ she took a deep breath and continued, ‘I am afraid that it might be cancer’

‘Can I check it?’ Bayo stammered, ‘like, can  I feel what it looks like?’

‘you mean I should take off my blouse and bra?’

‘definitely’ Bayo answered .


A lump in the breast can mean various things, it could mean a cancer (especially in older women) or it could be a benign (harmless) lesion especially in young girls but it is essential to know that they can only be differentiated by taking a needle biopsy in a hospital, even though it is the duty of a doctor (not a medical student).

A breast Lump can be a sign, but a majority of lumps are not cancerous (especially in younger women), however a woman should get them checked by a health professional. 

A self breast examinartion of the breasts is advised for every woman monthly and a mammogram for every woman above the age of forty once a year. Breast cancer is more common in older women, but it can still occur in young women (even though it is relatively uncommon). Cancer doesn’t mean death. early detection and early prevention measures are key to survival.

let us join hands and prevent breast cancer!!! Tell a friend!!!

Love, A short note…

​Loving someone is like giving out a part of yourself to another, it comes with some disturbances and uncertainties: someone’s problem becomes yours, his fears and happiness also. 

Inorder to protect themselves, some people choose not to love or care about others, they disengage or withdraw from people, and in that way, anything that happens to another doesnt necessarily matter to them, they won’t feel much pain, much sorrow. Many people choose this path, a path that won’t allow them get hurt, but in doing that, they limit their chances of living a fulfilled life.

On the other hand, some people take the risk and love someone else, they take the risk and become part of another. Someone who was once a stranger becomes like family, they risk hurting though but they live a fuller and better life than others.
Love doesnt always end up in tragedy though.

Loving someone can like a gamble, no one knows who is going to die next or who is gonna have cancer.

But what more does a person need in life if he or she is assured that there is someone who is ready to be with him in sickness and in health,, in riches o poverty, through roses and thorns, till death decides to separate them?

There is also a good part to love, where joy is doubled and sorrow halved, where synergy comes to play and one chase a thousand, and two ten thousand, where you want a particular person to hear a ‘goodnews’ first, where a message from one person is enough to make your week, where butterflies find their way to a human stomach.. the list is endless. 
In my own terms, I think love is better experienced and never evaded.
All my love

Till Sunday


​He taught himself to be confident, not the confidence that comes from having too much or dressing too well, but the one that came from right inside, from being a kind of person, of believing in himself even if the world doesn’t, of being his own hero, of understanding that people often times do not understand themselves.

As a result, he didn’t care about so much, he didn’t care much about changing people, in summary, he cared less. He just targeted on being himself, and improving daily.

He ceased being bothered by people, people who were quick to correct, criticize and judge. Who seem  not to have never noticed that the easiest thing in the world was to give advice, to tell people how to live their lives and also to constantly comment on ‘how things should be’ but never doing anything about it. People who always valued words, but disappeared when action is required. People who can talk behind one’s back and cannot say it to the face.  He cared less about people like that. People who were rigid, apt to teach but never ready to learn, who can easily correct people’s mistake but will never take correction.

All he wanted was simple; to live his own life and allow others live theirs – to live and let live.

But humans are given to changing everything around them. They always run out to change things only to end up being frustrated because they failed to realize that true change starts from one self and like cancer, or an infection, it metastasizes, multiples and spreads to distant places and in some cases, from one individual to another- that was the kind of change that he desired.

He realised earlier than his contemporaries, when he first tried to change himself, and it was hard, close to impossible, that was when he gave up trying to change others and decided instead, to become a better version of himself (daily) whenever possible, to turn weaknesses to strength and have a mastery of his strengths. only then did he realize that  it was only God that could do these things. 


I have always been excited about writing, especially the thought of reaching out to others through written works, touching the deepest part of the human soul. There have been thousands times when I have wished I was a writer and a writer only. On most occasions, it was as an escape from the huge work load of school and piles of books ( having to close an interesting book like The Alchemist to open the blunt pages of a Pathology text to read about Methicillin Resistant staphylococcus Aureus). Those times when you wake up on a cold harmattan morning to attend a 7:30 class, which on some occasions, you might be locked out. During those moments, I endeared writing, I secretly and silently wished I was a writer and a writer only, in my world (then) writers had a lot of time in their hands, they were free and creative, they were not restricted, they wore dreadlocks, they could leave their beards.
When I was given an opportunity to become a full time writer (during the holidays), the tides turned, writing became boring. My passion turned overnight into an uninteresting work. I began missing the early morning lectures and the pile of books.

The same have occurred in many other areas of my life and I have seen people narrate the same ordeal. You long for something and when you finally get it, the first week would be cool, and the second then the law of diminishing return sets in, and there is a nosedive from where it all started.

It has happened in medicine too, when I so much wanted to change the world and in my own words, ‘help people in need’ but with time, the tides have turned, passing exams have come first in my mind now. 

This is why psychology and psychiatry are very interesting areas of study, they will always give a name to things like this. Giving it a name seems to make it more interesting, having to identify it seem to make you have a firm grip on it, but still…

The same also happens in relationships; A friend once told me about this girl he met, he talked interestingly about her, how he really liked her and plans to marry her. He seemed to have all the plans figured out. I was particularly interested because he usually kept that area of his life to himself. the next time I asked him about the lady was about some months later, he replied and said, “I don’t seem to like her any more, I don’t know why, it just happened”. The same happens when couples become tired of themselves and decide to file for a divorce, or when a a patner decides to ‘look outside’ for things he or she previously found in their patner. The endless stories of abuse in relationships sometimes makes one wonder what brought people together the first time. 

I don’t know of any means to tackle these yet, what comes to mind in the face of all these has always been  COMMITMENT. If I should  commit myself to doing something, that’s final, I will just keep doing it. I will work, when I feel like and when I don’t (just because I have to), I will love someone once I am in a relationship with the person (on days I feel like and on days I don’t, whether the person deserves it or not)

Jesus summarized it by saying, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”